Australian's in Victoria's locked-down zones now have to wear face masks whenever they leave the house, but not everyone is complying.

So far, police have fined 38 people for failing to wear masks in public.

They are among 268 people to receive fines in the past 24 hours for Covid-19 restriction breaches.

The mask rule was imposed on July 23. Anyone caught without the protective item can be fined AU$200 (NZ$216).


Among those who copped a hefty penalty was a Melbourne man on his way to get a burger. He was in breach of the city's 8pm to 5am curfew.

He told police he was helping a friend move a TV set and while on his way from Doncaster East to Dandenong, he "thought he would also stop at a fast-food outlet to get a burger", police said in a statement.

He was slapped with an AU$1652 (NZ$1790) fine for breaching the curfew, a police spokesperson told

However, he wasn't the only one to cop a fine.

A Mount Alexander man who had a group of mates over to "watch the footy" was also in breach of the new restrictions, as well as another man walking on William St in Melbourne CBD at 2am.

"He stated he had been in the city to meet friends at a hotel and have some drinks," the police statement read.

A further 76 people had also been found to be breaching the curfew times in the past 24 hours.

Last week, another person driving from Melbourne to the border town of Wodonga claiming to be on a Macca's run "for a Big Mac", was also hit with an AU$1652 fine.


At a briefing on August 1, Police Minister Lisa Neville slammed the "appalling behaviour" of some rule-breakers, who were disregarding coronavirus restrictions which demand Melburnians remain in the city.

Neville said most people were abiding by the Covid-19 restrictions but she was astounded by some of those who were not.

We are still continuing to see appalling behaviour. I know Victorians themselves are fed up with it, I am fed up with it, Victoria Police are fed up with it," she said last week.

"Can I be really clear, just in case there is any doubt at all, that there is absolutely no reason or need to drive from Melbourne to Wodonga to have a Big Mac. That is one of the fines that was issued yesterday."

Victoria has recorded 394 new coronavirus cases and 17 new deaths, 10 of which are linked to aged-care facilities.