It might be a fact of life in a coronavirus pandemic that the person preparing your McDonald's meal is wearing a mask, but you really don't want to find it in your food.

But that's what UK mum Laura Arber says happened to her daughter, with the woman claiming she found pieces of a blue surgical face mask inside at least two of the 20 nuggets she purchased from McDonald's on Tuesday.

The furious mum posted a photo of one of the nuggets to a community Facebook group, warning others to be careful.

The woman said she purchased McDonald's for three of her kids in the town of Aldershot, south west of London, and they had just began eating it when she noticed her 6-year-old was choking.


"My little daughter just started choking and I put my fingers down her throat to loop it out there was just blue with the sick," Arber said, according to The Mirror.

"I thought what on earth is this?! I didn't even think it could be the chicken nugget but looked over at the box and all you could see was this blue coming out of another chicken nugget in the box of 20."

The mum was outraged after discovering the mask inside the nugget. Photo / Facebook
The mum was outraged after discovering the mask inside the nugget. Photo / Facebook

"And the mask is cooked into it, like a part of the mixture and it's clearly a mask. You can see the seam and how solid it is in there."

Arber then went to the McDonald's to speak to the manager, who she claims "failed to apologise and stop serving nuggets" but did say they hadn't been cooked on site.

"What if I had walked out of the room and my daughter had choked?" Arber said. "She could have died. It's a split second thing."

In a statement, McDonald's UK apologised for the incident, saying they were "very sorry to hear about this customer's experience".

"Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections," a spokesperson said.

"When the matter was brought to the attention of our staff, we apologised, offered a full refund and asked the customer to return the item so we could further investigate the matter and isolate the affected product."


In England, masks must be worn on public transport, in supermarkets, shops, indoor shopping centres, banks and post offices.

McDonald's UK requires all staff to wear masks, with Macca's here in Australia now following suit in Victoria and NSW after a spike in coronavirus cases.