Cooking scrambled eggs may seem simple but it is so easy to get it wrong.

Aussie MasterChef star Poh Ling Yeow has shared her recipe for the perfect scrambled eggs.

She admits there are "many schools of thought on this", but she insists her way is the best.

"First of all, I'm actually going to put the heat on because one of the most important things about this method is a super hot pan," Yeow said in a MasterChef video.


After slathering some butter on the pan, she was ready to get started.

"What you want to look for is the butter to be foaming like it is," she said.

"And then it will start to die down a bit and that's when you know it's just starting to caramelise.

"And we like that, because that's flavour."

Be careful not to over stir the eggs. Photo / Channel 9
Be careful not to over stir the eggs. Photo / Channel 9

The other ingredients you need are eggs, of course, cream, salt and pepper.

"Start off with three eggs if you're a piggy like me," she said.

"About a third of a cup of cream. If you want to be super indulgent you can probably do half."

Before she whisked the eggs, she also added a generous amount of black pepper and salt.


Only once the butter had begun to bubble was Poh happy to put the eggs in.

"When the eggs hit the pan you do want to hear a little sizzle. Just a little one," she said.

"Right away you should see the edges start to cook."

And this is where Yeow revealed the secret to the perfect eggs and revealed the one thing people often get wrong with this basic dish.

"The trick to this is to resist the temptation to agitate it [the eggs] too much," she said.

"You want these beautiful silken folds, not a scrambled mess."


With a laugh, she added: "Even though it's called scrambled eggs."

She said it was a fine line between making sure the bottom of the eggs did not caramelise, but also not over mixing the eggs.

Yeow advised to tip the pan so the raw egg mix could coat the rest, adding more flavour.

She added freshly chopped parsley and parmesan on top. Delicious.

"So you can see it's really nice and glossy on top," she said proudly.

"And that's how you can make cafe-style eggs at home, in the comfort of your kitchen, in your jocks."


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