Move aside cheese platter, an Australian mum has created an epic dessert platter everyone is raving about - and it has a rather touching tribute amongst it.

Late last year one crafty baker released their very own pavlova platter, but now everyone can't get enough of this chocolate-inspired platter.

Taking to Instagram, the Australian mother posted her creation that includes Freddo chocolate, caramello koala, furry friend chocolate, violet crumble (crunchie bar), chokito, tim tams, cherry ripe, and homemade shrewsbury biscuits.

But amongst the chocolate goodies were Australian-shaped biscuits with the words "thank you heroes, stronger together".


In her post, she thanked the firefighters who have been battling blazes all over the country over the past few months.

"Feeling extra proud to be an Aussie at the moment in light of all the incredible acts of heroism, resilience, kindness and compassion we have seen and read about over the last fortnight.

"Thank you to all the firefighters for their amazing acts of bravery and to the wider community of volunteers for their unconditional assistance and support."

Another mum has also produced an Australia Day platter, using various iconic chocolate goodies.

"I tried to find as many iconic Australian treats as possible in my Woolworths shop, but I'm sure I missed a few!," she wrote.

"You could use just about anything to create your own, but this is a great guide to follow."

Australia Day Sweet Platter - and it all cost less than $25:

- Tim Tams
- Lamingtons
- Allen's Party Mix
- Caramello Koala
- Iced Vovos
- Cherry Ripes
- Freddo Frogs
- Wizz Fizz Cones