A series of stories prompted by a new Twitter challenge will put even your most drunken night to shame.

A challenge issued on Twitter asked users "what's the drunkest you've ever been?" with one catch: they could only recount their intoxicated tales using six words, reports the Daily Mail.

The concept of a "six-word story" is often attributed to writer Ernest Hemingway.

According to a popular urban myth, Hemingway's friend asked the legendary author to write a novel using only six words. Hemingway's alleged reply, 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn,' remains famous to this day.


In 2006, a group of writers took up the challenge once more and founded Six-Word Memoirs, a project that gained viral fame and re-introduced the six-word story concept to a wider audience.

Now, with this latest challenge, individuals are sharing a far more inebriated version of their six-word memoirs with absolutely hilarious results.