I've often read about cooking various things in a "salt crust". This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it. Don't use expensive sea salt for this. Buy some bulk or common salt.

1 Buy a 1kg snapper, gutted and scaled ready for cooking. Season with cracked black pepper.

2 Fill the cavity with some fresh dill or fennel and a few lemon slices.

3 Spread a thin layer of dry salt over the base of a roasting dish.


4 Sit the fish on this then pat a crust of the damp salt across it, making sure the fish is well encased.

5 Place the fish in a medium oven for around 45 minutes.

6 Crack open the crust. The fish will be succulent and moist.

7 Gently lift the crust away from the fish, the skin will come with it.