The travelling Pamela Anderson celebrity circus has moved on, with the former Baywatch beauty heading to Brunei in the early hours for a party hosted by Prince Azin.

But not before Anderson wriggled her way down the runway at Fashion Week in a wrap and G-string. We caught a flash of the redoubtable assets that have seen the former Baywatch beauty hold the record for Playboy cover appearances.

The event was her rightly named A*Muse show with New York trash-flash designer Richie Rich. It was a parade of tie-dye fluoro bikinis and men's jocks trimmed around the crotch with sequin guitars. Loose T-shirts - made from the organic cotton this eco-friendly range uses - were perfect for partying in Malibu. (The Anderson entourage settled for a private room at Sale St last night).

A packed Big Tent saw Nicky Watson, surfer Maz Quinn and a host of spray-tanned hotties do their stuff. Quinn, whom Anderson said was the hottest Kiwi she'd met on her brief trip, was invited to come up for the show from Gisborne for his first turn modelling. "I couldn't help smiling on the runway," he said.

It was a fun show. Former Shortland Star Manu Bennett was virtually unrecognisable as a hulky, long-haired, caveman-style figure who brandished his surfboard on the runway like a shield.

Anderson has signed it and it will be sold for charity for the Starship Foundation. The connection was made when she visited the set of Spartacus: Blood and Sword on Thursday and met its star, Lucy Lawless, who was at the after-party.

The 42-year-old said her life was "mostly quiet" and spent hanging out with her two boys, aged 11 and 13, to rock star ex Tommy Lee.

As to whether she'll be forever the girl running up the beach in a red swimsuit, Anderson is happy to play to type, but when I asked what she hoped to be remembered for, the commited vegetarian and animal rights activist said she hoped it would be for her work in this area. A*Muse was all part of being environmentally conscious fun. Her manager told me the label had been talking to Bono's people about how to do this.

Rich said Brigitte Bardot had hailed Anderson's work on animal rights. "She told me I was her daughter," said Anderson.

Asked how it felt to be at the centre of media attention constantly, she said: "I think we're all the ringmasters of our own circus."

Richie Rich and crew are staying on until Sunday and hoping to see Piha and go out on the harbour today. Asked if she'd be back, Anderson said: "I'm going to bring my kids, they'd love it here."