While most teenagers spend their time socialising with friends, Brittney Kevric was sitting on her bed sourcing suppliers and designers for her new business venture.

The Sydney-based cheerleader and receptionist was only 15 years old when she decided to start her own swimwear range.

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While visiting family on the Kornati Islands off Croatia, Ms Kevric, now 20, discovered there wasn't a variety of bikini choices for teenage girls – or any in her price range.


"Once I got back from my trip, I told mum the idea and she was super supportive, but she also had no knowledge of the fashion world and neither did I, so she was a bit hesitant for me to follow through," Ms Kevric told news.com.au

But the teen was determined to make her idea a reality and began researching suppliers and designs after school and in between cheerleading practice.

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Eventually, her unique swimwear range Kornati Swim, made of recycled plastic bottles, would earn her anywhere between $500 to $2000 a week.

"I worked Saturday, Sundays and during the week at my local cafe to save extra money, so I didn't really get to socialise on weekends unless it was after work," Ms Kevric said.

"I'd take any shift possible."

At just 15 she managed to save $10,000, which she injected straight into her business.

"That paid for my first bulk order, my website, my domain name, ABN, storage, logo and other small things I needed here and there," she said.

In 2017, she officially launched her business, having to use her sister's bedroom as extra storage after a spike in orders.


"Once I started and got my first bulk order I stored everything in my room for the first year, then once I got more and more I eventually moved it all to my little sister's room who was about three at the time."

Ms Kevric was studying for her HSC when she designed and launched her first collection, describing the experience as a challenging time.

"It was extremely hard to juggle the two as I couldn't completely switch off my business ideas and thoughts when I was studying," she said.

When Kevric started up the business she could go months without making any money, but that has all changed. Photo / Instagram
When Kevric started up the business she could go months without making any money, but that has all changed. Photo / Instagram

"Studying in the library turned to me closing my books and opening up my laptop to research new designs or grabbing a pen and paper to draw up ideas when they'd come to my head so I wouldn't forget them."

Her sacrifices paid off when she received her first pay cheque of around $350, "which I thought was insane".

"I only got about four orders, but that was amazing at the time (in 2018)," she said.

Ms Kevric said only this year has her swimwear brand kicked off, forcing the designer to move all her stock into a small office in the garage of her Sydney home – and quit her full-time job as a receptionist.

"In the early days I would go weeks, even months, without making a single cent. It was extremely hard and upsetting, but I kept pushing to reach my goals," she said.

"Now I roughly make $500 a week. I earned $1700 just last week as one of my good weeks."

She owes the success of her business to its environmental element.

"My range is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been picked up from the oceans, but in saying that, the material is extremely soft and buttery and hugs every body perfectly," she said.

"People buy my bikinis because of the way they feel and the different patterns they have.

"Finding swimwear that are both soft and seamless is hard, so I'd say my swimwear range is unique and different to what you would buy at the shops."

Ms Kevric is a one-woman team, for now, doing everything from packing orders, running the brand's Instagram account to handling customer queries.

"Absolutely, everything is done by me, and I think that gives my customers a lot of trust knowing that it's just me," she said.