Aussie influencer Karina Irby recently "stunned" fans on social media after sharing a series of snaps revealing her what she dubbed her "five-hour transformation".

Taking to Instagram, Karina, who hails from the Gold Coast, posted two photos side-by-side; one showing herself with a flat stomach, the other with her belly protruding.

According to the 29-year-old, who has been candid about suffering from bloating problems previously, said while she started the night "looking a treat" by the end she looked "six months pregnant".

"This is from sitting in the car for 3+ hours in Spanx, drinking way too many bottles of water because I was so hungry, and then eating too much Japanese food from accidentally starving myself," she wrote on the post.


"Oh and within an hour or so of getting home, relaxing and taking off those tight clothes my tummy was normal again.

"It's crazy how the body works."

The designer behind swimwear brand Moana Bikinis said the post wasn't meant to be taken seriously, more she making a lighthearted joke at how different her body looked.

"Keep in mind everybody is different so please don't judge your own bodies reactions on someone else's," she said.

"But this is just a funny little reminder to not be hard on yourself if your tummy decides to puff up!"

The post clearly struck a chord with Karina's 1,000,000 followers as over 50,000 left reactions and thousands thanked her in the comments for her refreshing honesty.

"You always make me feel better about myself after a rough day. You're messages are inspiring. Thank you," said one.

While another added: "I needed this. Today I was so bloated after eating cereal and I felt like crap for hours about myself."


A third chimed in saying: "You're so funny girl, I love how you keep it 100 per cent."

While Karina is best-known for her bikini brand, she's also regarded as a campaigner for body positivity.

She along with influencer and Sydney model Ariella Nyssa made a name for themselves after the duo shared some "relatable" outtakes from a photoshoot for Karina's online store, Beginning Boutique.

"Wait you don't think bloating is cute?" Ariella captioned the photo shared to her fans.

"NEWS FLASH: bloating is normal and just because I don't have a six pack doesn't mean I'm not beautiful."

The model went on to encourage her followers to not feel "embarrassed or ashamed" if they didn't have a flat stomach all day everyday.


"You bloat, I bloat, EVERYBODY BLOATS! Don't you dare feel inferior for it," she said.

Fans of Ariella were quick to applaud her and Karina for sharing the "real" shots, as well as to say the supported their message.

"Seeing these posts make me so happy," one said.

"True words. Stunning girls," another wrote.

"So nice to see bodies like mine on my feed along with all the other unique and stunning bodies of other shapes and sizes," one fan shared.