The brains behind a "game-changing" make-up remover pad have turned over an amazing $1 million in only six months.

Aussie gals Rebecca Williamson and Lizzie Pike invested in beauty product Face Halo last year, and in only six months turned over an excess of about $1 million, they told the Daily Mail Australia.

"Bec and I invested $25k each and six months later we turned over in excess of a million dollars – it's been a crazy ride," Pike told the publication.

The Face Halo product uses microfiber technology and water to remove makeup in just a few swipes. The product is completely reusable and non-toxic, making it an eco-friendly alternative to face wipes as well as ditching chemicals.


Celebrities such as Naomi Watts and even New Zealand's own beauty guru queen Shannon Harris, aka Shaanxo, have already jumped on board to praise the "game-changing" product.

Harris' own online beauty store XO Beauty has even started stocking the product for Kiwi and international customers, which reportedly sold out in just four hours.

The best friends from Sydney shared a few secrets to their success and said that, of course, a lot of hard work went into creating the product.

Pike advised anyone out there who planned on starting a similar business "to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and work 24/7 if necessary".

The women, both leading busy lives as mothers, said they were determined to pursue making their product and relied on their husbands and family for support.

Williamson mentioned she had taken a back seat on her career, with her now ex-husband not quite giving her the support she had needed to kick off her idea.

Both women explained that following your passions makes work feel less like work and to learn to "appreciate the ride" before hitting huge success.

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