Luxury fashion house Balenciaga has been ridiculed over a high-end leather skirt that critics claim looks strikingly similar to a car mat.

The £1,700 (NZD $3246) garment has a rubber-effect finish and features distinct grooves much like the mats found on the floor of any family car.

Personal finance website Money Saving Expert shared a tweet comparing the skirt to a '£40 (NZD $76)' mat from Halfords, reports Daily Mail.

The witty post read: "We're not fashion experts but..." along with side-by-side images of the skirt and a car mat.


Balenciaga appears to be aware of the similarities as they named the product the "car design skirt".

Amused Twitter users were quick to share their delight with comments on the tweet.

Another cheekily suggested shoppers could save even more money by buying a £7.99 (NZD $15) version from B&M stores.

"Hahaha you're going to start a new fashion trend with car floor mats from Halfords!," one wrote.

It comes just months after the Spanish fashion house sparked widespread debate with the launch of its £1,640 (NZD $3,127) 'Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag', which social media users said looked just like the iconic oversized IKEA shopping bag.

In September style-savvy shoppers were also left bemused by a £500 (NZD $953) pair of trainers that had been deliberately designed to look heavily worn-in.