Want to arrive at work with a smile? Ride a bike.

That's Go Eco's message to Hamiltonians this year as it launches Chain Link: a completely free service to get more people on their bikes.

The initiative is being driven by Lloyd Morris, an avid bike rider and tinkerer for more than 70 years. He wants to encourage more everyday folk to use or get back into using bikes as a healthier transport option, both for themselves and the environment.

"When you drive to work, you may arrive grumpy," says Lloyd, as commuters get stuck in traffic or struggle with parking.


"But when you cycle to work, you arrive grinning."

It's not only the commute that the bike is good for, Chain Link encourages all bike use, from popping down to the shops to getting a solid workout.

The Chain Link service offers bike inspection, repairs, servicing, safety workshops and so much more.

Lloyd, along with Tania Ashman, are both NZQA-qualified bike safety instructors and have thought of absolutely everything to help anyone with a will (and a helmet) find their way on to a bike.

Bike sitting in the garage gathering rust? Bring it in and the team will give it a thorough safety check to ensure you are cycle-ready.

Something's broken? Not only can they fix it for free, they'll teach you how to do it as well. Unsure how to stay safe? Tania and Lloyd provide expert safety training and advice.

Not confident which route to ride to work? Chain Link can offer you a Bike Buddy to cycle your commute with you until you feel safe to ride it alone.

Gary, a happy Chain Link user. Gary brought it to Chain Link and Lloyd fixed his chain. Gary is now back on the road. Photo / Go Eco
Gary, a happy Chain Link user. Gary brought it to Chain Link and Lloyd fixed his chain. Gary is now back on the road. Photo / Go Eco

Don't have a bike? They can even help with that! If you're short on cash, come and talk with the team who will find a way to get you rolling and fulfil Chain Link's vision to make cycling accessible to everyone.


If you have a bike you don't need anymore, or is beyond repair, Chain Link is always happy to accept donations to either restore and rehome or recycle parts from.

The service was inspired by Hamilton's Western Community Centre's successful Chain Link programme.

With the service proving popular so far, the team hope to open further hubs in Claudelands and at Waikato University, and is always looking for more volunteers to help their cause.

So grab your helmet and head in to Go Eco's Chain Link, corner Kent and Commerce Sts in Frankton, on Thursdays and Saturdays, between 10am and noon and let Lloyd and his team help you 'get on yer bike.'

– by Alice Tiffany, Go Eco