Some of the trees on the chopping block on Arthur's Path in Keirunga Gardens could be saved.

A consultancy agency has come up with an alternative plan to Hastings District Council's draft plan to cut down 81 trees on the path.

Arborlab Consultancy Services found that 29 of those earmarked for removal did not need even need pruning.

Their plan pitched to council would see 28 of the 81 trees cut down, and 11 would have their height reduced by 20 per cent.


The remainder require at least some level of pruning. Over half of those Arborlab has suggested cutting down are oak trees.

"The original draft tree management plan has been reviewed and an alternative proposed, which retains most of the larger trees by carrying out remedial crown reduction pruning," Arborlab's report said.

"The new proposal still creates new planting spaces and allows for the diversification of the tree asset within the woodland walk."

The trees recommended for removal had structural issues which were unlikely to resolve overtime, were considered to be "weed trees", or were semi-mature.

"The new proposal requires annual monitoring of newly planted trees and a review of the removal and pruning program every three years."

Keirunga campaigner Pat Turley said it was great alternatives were being looked at for the woodlands.

He said he was pleased to see council was seeking independent advice, however said it should have been done earlier.

He said he was unable to comment on the new proposal at this time, as he had not had a chance to read it thoroughly.


Hastings District Council has now extended the consultation on the issue until April 5, to give people the opportunity to read and understand the alternative proposal.

Those who have already submitted will be given the opportunity to add to this based on the new report.

In the meantime, the council will continue to monitor the health of the tree stock to ensure all steps are taken to keep visitors and nearby properties safe.

Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst encouraged the community to engage with both plans.

"Keirunga Gardens holds a special place in the heart of our community, and we look forward to hearing from and working with our people to come up with a plan that reflects the significance of this beloved public space."

The reports can be read on