Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds sparked a hilarious social media exchange with Sam Neill after asking the Kiwi acting icon if he would be his dad.

Reynolds popped the question via Twitter, in response to a couple of cute videos Neill had posted of his pet duck, Charlie, making a rare flight over a frozen pond.

The first clip showed Charlie trying to swim towards Neill, only to find its path blocked by some ice, before it surprises the Jurassic Park star by taking flight and landing next to him.

"Nobody knew you could fly! You haven't flown for years. Good girl," says Neill.


The 71-year-old followed up with a second video of him holding the duck while telling the camera: "Charlie hasn't flown for years as far as I can tell. But two flights in one weekend, I couldn't be more proud."

The sweetness of the moment clearly got to Reynolds, who joined in with the 538 other people that commented on the video, tweeting: "Will you be my dad?"

Neill kept the joke going, pretending he has previously had to brush off similar requests from Reynolds and mocking the 42-year-old's inability to fly.

"Ryan. We've talked about this. I was only nine. Also, your flying is still crap," read Neill's response.

The exchange gained plenty of admirers with 9, 462 likes and 511 retweets, and plenty of gushing praise for the pair, and Charlie.