Babe in the woods

A reader writes: "Much to her embarrassment, we told this story about our daughter at her 21st. We were on holiday in the South Island, driving through some of the West Coast's beautiful, rugged landscapes, when I exclaimed loudly to my husband, who was driving, and two kids in back seat — 'Look at that amazing forest!' My then 9-year-old daughter replied excitedly, 'WHERE, WHERE — I CAN'T SEE IT — THERE'S TOO MANY TREES!' That has to be the epitome of the saying; 'Can't see the woods for the trees', bless her."

TV president now real one

On Ukraine's wildly popular television show Servant of the People, Volodymyr Zelensky plays an ordinary high-school history teacher who is unwittingly elected president of the country after his classroom rant against corruption goes viral on YouTube. And this week Ukrainians voted to make the show a reality, electing Zelensky as their actual president. Zelensky studied for a law degree before becoming a comedian and actor. He rose to national prominence in 2006 on the Ukrainians' version of Dancing With the Stars. Later, he founded the production company, Kvartal 95, which created three television seasons and a movie spinoff of Servant of the People and then formed a political party for Zelensky using the same name and logo. (Via

This real-estate industry spam is wrong again

This real-estate industry spam is wrong on so many levels, writes a reader ...
This real-estate industry spam is wrong on so many levels, writes a reader ... "Cut out that daily flat white and in 78 years you will have half an Auckland house deposit!"