Most Swedish arrest ever

An off-duty Stockholm police officer found himself sitting in the same sauna as a fugitive who had dodged a jail sentence for aggravated assault. After recognising each other, the naked police officer calmly told the man that he should consider himself arrested. "The arrest was undramatic and the wanted man didn't try to flee. It's easier to take action when you have your colleagues with you, and all your kit. This was as stripped down as it gets," Rinkeby's deputy police chief tells the BBC.

Stating the obvious

Social psychologist John Petrocelli has come up with the "ease of passing bull***t hypothesis", which means we tend to bull***t — communicate "with little concern for evidence or truth" — more if we think we can get away with it.

Lego Prank

"Almost had a heart-attack leaving for work this morning. Don't really look at my rear-view camera when backing out ... My tween son and his cousins are getting payback tonight." Photo / Supplied

Strange but true


In 2008, a British man was arrested for drug possession in Dubai after 0.003 grams of marijuana were detected in his shoe.



In 1993, in response to "no smoking" policies of major US airlines, a start-up named Smokers Express tried to launch an airline specifically in order to allow passengers to smoke on board. The company never flew passengers, but did acquire three planes before ceasing operations the same year.


Corriearklet, the word describing the moment at which two people approaching from opposite ends of a long passageway recognise each other and immediately pretend they haven't to avoid the embarrassment of having to continue recognising each other the whole length of the corridor.


The original word for "bear" has been lost. People in middle ages were superstitious and thought saying the animal's name would summon it. They called it "bear" which means "the brown one" to avoid saying its actual name.


Mick Jagger has a great-grandchild that is older than his youngest child.



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