I Married a "Yes" Man

"The sniffer dog at Sydney Airport detected the forgotten apple buried deep in my husband's backpack. (Two trips before, my dearest had mistakenly ticked all the 'yes' boxes on the immigration card. Tuberculosis: Yes. Biological specimens: Yes. Firearms: Yes. Illicit drugs: Yes. 'Mate,' sighed the immigration officer. 'The fellow before you only spoke German and he got it right.') I worked my jet-lagged child's foot into a sneaker, wondering how it came to pass that I am saddled with such a travel partner. Oh yes, it was a proposal — at an airport. I hope we're always travelling together." (A New York Times Tiny Love Story by Kate Palmer)

Favourite cinema experiences ...


We were watching


Dante's Peak

, and during the scene where all the townspeople are trying to evacuate all at once in their cars, my best friend, who's right into it, turns to me and says, "Look at all those people — one person in every vehicle: They should be carpooling and helping others to escape as well!"


We bought tickets to

Home Alone 2

. When the parents' flight took off and Kevin got on the wrong plane, this woman said, "These bloody parents, how can they forget him again?" and walked out. Classic.


Before the film, they showed a trailer for


The Last Samurai

— Tom Cruise, intense, sombre, profound. As it ended, there was a quiet pause ... and an incredulous voice rang out: "So the last samurai was some white dude?"


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Shakespearean mystery

Any explanation for this? Photo / Supplied
Any explanation for this? Photo / Supplied

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble? Allan Gibson of Cherrybrook, New South Wales, writes: "During our stay at a hotel in New Zealand's North Island I was in my element when I saw this tag on the kettle cord! Have Shakespearean hotel guests been heating soup, cooking pasta, boiling eggs or cooking spuds?" Any hospitality folk explain why this was necessary.

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