My first job was …

as a professional icecream scooper (a fancy way of saying I worked in an icecream shop).

It taught me … patience. Seriously, scooping VERY frozen icecream while having an excited child in front of you is a challenge. Oh, and that I do not suit a visor hat.

My big break came … when I resigned from the icecream store No, my big break came after I found the confidence to fully be myself, then everything fell into place. After years of trying to understand who I was after losing my leg, I found the confidence to do a photoshoot showing the real me. Everything snowballed from that.


The last job I quit was … I was a product designer for a company called Autex. I loved my job so it was a really hard decision to leave, but I had so much going on outside of work that I had to make a call. I remember my boss saying, "we don't want to lose you but I can see the message you are trying to get out and your future plans having a huge impact." Having their support made taking the leap to work for myself so much easier.

The most famous person I've ever met is … I would like to say I met Leonardo DiCaprio but I merely brushed past him in a club (but I'll take it).

They were… I mean, I'm judging from afar but he had a hoodie and sunglasses on and sat on his phone all night so I was slightly disappointed but I love what he stands for so I still choose to believe he's a great human.

The best time I've had on screen was … Dancing with the Stars. Hands down. That experience completely changed my life and also helped me find my love for TV. I hope I get the opportunity in the future to go on screen again because I loved the whole process. Beyond that though, the show was the most incredible way to really push my limits and put fear aside for a greater cause.

But the worst was … I don't think I've had a bad one yet … does that mean it's coming?

My dream project would be … helping young people from all walks of life feel good in the skin they're in.

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