The King of Pop's former maid has revealed Neverland Ranch secrets including troubling claims about the late singer.

Speaking with 60 Minutes in a Twitter video, Adrian McManus, who was hired to work at Michael Jackson's ranch in 1990 as a maid, says she was trusted to clean his bedroom and found disturbing discoveries.

"The first time I cleaned his bedroom, I didn't even know where to start," she says.

She also said that Jackson would "pet and kiss" the young boys who would frequently visit the ranch.


"I would see a lot of fondling, hugging, kind of petting. kissing," she says.

"There was a kind side to him, and yet there was a dark side."

Michael Jackson. Photo / Getty
Michael Jackson. Photo / Getty

It has taken McManus years to reveal what she witnessed and says that he threatened her life.

"I was scared to say anything bad about Mr Jackson."

"They told me if I ever came up on TV that they could hire a hitman to take me out, slice my neck, wouldn't ever find my body."

The full interview with Adrian McManus will air in Australia this Sunday on 60 Minutes.