It's been a rough time to be a Shortland Street fan of late, with the beloved Kiwi soap changing its viewing schedule in recent months.

Fans have taken to Facebook in an uproar over the scheduling changes saying it was "pretty disgusting the way Shortland Street treats their viewers" with many begging the show to "make their minds up".

"Honestly I felt ripped off. First you guys advertise six nights...then bam, you cut it back to four nights. I did not enjoy the crap movies they kept putting on in the time slot," one wrote.

Another fan added: "About freaking idea what the f*** has been happening with your scheduling! One minute it's no Fridays but Sundays - then some weekends not Sundays either...etc etc. Totally stuffed up programming in my opinion. Hopefully TVNZ has got it together at last. Kinda over it."


We are back tomorrow and back FIVE nights a week! 😁 #Monday-Friday #ShortlandStreet ALEX TARRANT Reuben Milner

Posted by Shortland Street on Saturday, 16 February 2019

The changes have come after the series added extra episodes for its winter season taking it up to six days a week, Sunday to Friday.

Once the winter season ended, Shorty returned to Monday to Friday and recently it was dropped down to four days a week (Monday to Thursday).

TVNZ says the change was to allow them to broadcast the Blacksticks' World Cup matches as part of the Hockey FIH Pro Series which aired on Friday evenings, followed by a feature film.

However, they've since announced Shortland Street will return to its usual five nights a week viewing schedule, Monday to Friday.

A spokesperson said "we don't anticipate any further schedule changes for the show".