Perfect nonsense

A reader writes: "A pet peeve of mine: 'historical' movies that are always 'perfect'. Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect teeth, perfect clothes that are styled and fit perfectly, and are perfectly ironed and cleaned ... Would that have actually been possible? The only films I can immediately think of that actually address that problem are the 1995 version of Persuasion, starring Amanda Root (highly recommended), and maybe, kind of, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And if memory serves, Judi Dench's teeth in Shakespeare in Love. Any others?"

Grated lime

Grated lime. Spotted in Quay Street by a passing Paul Gilmour.
Grated lime. Spotted in Quay Street by a passing Paul Gilmour.

Left smirking

A reader writes: "I was in our detached garage in my pyjamas, fetching milk, when I heard a courier arrive outside. A signature was required and because of my attire I left it to my wife to deal with. I heard the doorbell ring and my wife call out, 'you silly dick, you've done it again ... you'll just have to wait'. She opened the door to find a smirking courier driver."

Brews with years on them

"I have two (unopened) bottles of beer that your southern readers will recall if they are of pension age," writes Paul Titchener of Grey Lynn. "One is Southland Ale brewed by Southland Breweries Ltd, Invercargill, and the other is Sparkling Kaka Ale, which has a great label showing the kākā bird, brewed by New Zealand Breweries Ltd Dunedin. Both quart bottles are long-necked so they are dated before 1964 when the short-necked quart bottle was introduced to reduce packaging costs. Of interest also is a 12 fluid oz steel can of 'Deep Cove' beer boldly stating 'Steinlager brewed by New Zealand Breweries Ltd Auckland expressly for Deep Cove workers'. This can has a coloured photograph of the ship MS Wanganella which was used as a dormitory berthed at Deep Cove Fiordland. I wonder how many of these are still around?"

Video pick

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