If we fulfilled childhood ambitions ...

"Congratulations! The job you wanted to have when you were 5 is now yours. What do you now do for a living?" tweets Eric Alper @TheEricAlper.

1. "I am the traffic lights ... "

2. "I drive the tiny train at the zoo."

3. "Hurray, I am a policeman clown!"


4. "I'm a skateboarding, time-travelling lead guitarist."

5. "I own a bakery and consume 90 per cent of my product."

6. "I'm a broadway star who moonlights as a paleontologist during her off season."

7. "Good news everyone, I am an astronaut who is also the president."

Vintage DB Double Red

More on the DB Double Red. Geoff Glover bought a full crate about 35 years ago put it in the garage cupboard, where it stayed. "The crate is still complete and the beer is still in the bottle. I'm not that sure about how good it is to drink."

Video pick

Bob Newhart's Interview Nightmare…

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