A fine young cannibal ...

"Ever since this little guy could eat solid food his favourite meal has been barbecued ribs. I mean, he'll eat them every day if he could ... So anyway, we're out for dinner and I'm enjoying my steak, and he his plate of ribs and fries — he's probably about 6-7 years old. He asks me what kind of animal my steak comes from. I answer 'cow'. He asks me where his ribs come from. I honestly don't know if they're pork or beef (I don't like ribs), so I just tell him, 'I'm really not sure, but it's either cow or pig. I think it's cow, but it might be pig.' So he gets this kinda confused look on his face, and almost looks disappointed for a minute. So I ask him what's wrong. 'Oh nothing. I just kinda thought they came from people.' This guy had been eating ribs for 3+ years thinking that he was a cannibal. And was happy about it." (Ask




Punctuation according to Trump!!!!!
According to American novelist Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing, two or three exclamation marks are acceptable; anything more is lazy and shows an inability to express yourself with actual words. "Our digital prose is littered with exclamation points, used to convey the extreme kind of enthusiasm, disgust, dismay, and invective that the internet awards," explains Vox pointing to Donald Trump as a chronic abuser. Trump used eight exclamation marks in an official statement on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi opening with, "America First! The world is a very dangerous place!" The President is also a fan of ALL CAPS as a means of expression. (Via Quartz.com)

A home from home in the UK
Richard Gosnell writes to the Guardian with this factoid: "There are 11 places called New York and five New Zealands in the UK, according to the Ordnance Survey Gazetteer of Great Britain."

While sorting out photos left by an ex RNZAF WWII pilot, Gary Bridger from Greenlane came across this one. "RAF ground crew bombing up a NZ squadron Lockheed Ventura. The weight of the bomb on the guy's back would be about 115kg. Wonder what OSH would have thought of it!"

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