The first question on Aussie quiz show Hot Seat is typically the joke question.

Valued at $100, it gives the contestant a chance to get settled and usually gives the audience a bit of a laugh in the process.

But every now and then the joke question leaves the audience laughing at the contestant rather than the question itself.

Here's a sample of some of the questions that people have passed on:


Which of these is not a children's book by Roger Hargreaves?
A: Mr. Strong
B: Mr. Bump
C: Mr. Messy
D: Mr. Meanor

Which of these is not a real species of bear?
A: Asian black bear
B: Sloth bear
C: Polar bear
D: Drop bear

Making a sound inaudible to humans is a 'dog' what?
A: Bell
B: Whistle
C: Drum
D: Horn

Watch the video below to see the cringe-worthy moments contestants have stumbled on the first question.