Kiwi singer sets sights on a prize as she teases fans about her red carpet choice for Grammys on Monday

Lorde has revealed the Grammy that would mean most to her is for best album.

Speaking at an awards preview in Los Angeles last night, the breakout pop star - who is nominated for four awards - said she most wanted to win Best Pop Vocal Album.

"It's about the album which is this body of music which I've written. That's really important to me."

Lorde, who is also nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, added: "That being said, I'm still going to be proud of what I've done if I don't win a Grammy."


The Kiwi chart-topper - her song Team has joined global hit Royals on the Billboard top 10 - showed she wasn't intimidated by the interest from the world's music media. As camera lights flashed, she was asked how she was preparing for the big event on Monday (2pm NZ time, on TV2), where she is performing.

"I've been waking up every morning and eating a lot of garlic," she joked.

The 17-year-old is keeping everyone guessing over whether she will wear a New Zealand designer's creation on the red carpet.

Industry insiders say one thing is for sure - she has the pick of the world's best.

Murray Bevan, director of fashion PR firm Showroom 22, said Lorde had been in the firm's offices over the past few weeks assessing her wide range of options.

"The brutally honest answer is I don't know and I don't think she does either," he said. "We were told she has a stylist in America who will be making the final decision on everything.

"But as you can imagine, she probably has got the pick of every fashion label in the world at the moment due to her value as an artist and her incredible success.

"She's got very particular taste and is very set in how she wants to have her image portrayed, so she also won't have her arm twisted in what she has to wear, or wear something from New Zealand just because she is from New Zealand. She will want to look her very best."


However, Mr Bevan said she did select a number of items from New Zealand designers to take on her journey and her upcoming jaunts to to London for the Brit Awards and her American tour next month, including a Deadly Ponies handbag and some items by Karen Walker.

Photographs of the star after she touched down in LA showed her with the peach-coloured fur bag while shopping for gifts in the Grammy Gift Lounge.

Lorde did not reveal any secrets on her social media accounts, instead teasing fans with some wild examples.

Alongside the caption "brainstorming for Grammys", she posted photos to Instagram of a retro black mini dress worn by a model with white contact lenses and metal spike-covered Siberian bear hunting armour.

On Twitter, she also revealed her beauty woes, saying: "I could probably be involved in a groundbreaking new reality show called Will Ella's Acne Clear Up In Time For Major Events".