Tyra Banks has been eating in Auckland's restaurants, cruising its harbour, and telling Kiwi girls they are beautiful.

Before heading home to America to continue filming the 14th series of her show America's Next Top Model, which has been on location in New Zealand, she held interviews to promote her vision of beauty.

"When I'm telling the girl on Top Model that she's beautiful, I am also telling the young girl at home who looks like this girl, that she's beautiful," she told the Herald.

According to Banks, New Zealand girls stand out because they are genuinely friendly. "I find that the girls are so like, beyond warm and polite. I don't know, do you guys have haters? America's all about haters. I don't feel that here," she said.

"I always wanted to come to New Zealand, because the terrain is like, insanely gorgeous," she said.

She has been getting her head around flat-white and long-black coffee terminology. "I'm like, don't you do a decaf mocca latte choca lacka lacka lacka?"

She is not sure how the contestants have coped with the trip, because to capture the "reality" of their situation she is not on location with them.

Miss Banks, who in previous seasons of the show has earned the title of "Tyra-nt", has toned down the act.

The show will air on TV3 next year.