The Mana Party has promised its supporters it will not "sell out" to get seats on the Government benches.

Mana formally launched its campaign in Otara on Saturday - and its Manukau candidate, activist John Minto, said if he got into Parliament and then sold out, party members should grab him by the scruff of the neck and throw him down Parliament's steps.

Any prospect of "selling out" is unlikely in the short term at least - both National leader John Key and Labour leader Phil Goff have ruled out working with Mana leader Hone Harawira.

At the launch Mr Harawira returned the favour, saying his party would not work with either National or Act.


However, he has said he was willing to work with his former colleagues in the Maori Party, as well as Labour and the Greens.

Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes echoed Mr Minto's claims, saying Mana had attracted "people who are activists and are drawn from their very souls to defend the rights of those most vulnerable.

"We will not sell you out."

She criticised the Maori Party for suddenly finding its voice at election time on policies they [claim] to be concerned about. "We know they will fall silent again once they make another pact with the devil," she said.