What could be New Zealand's tiniest dwelling, smaller than a carpark, could fetch $45,000 at an auction planned for next week.

The 7.9sq m place, advertised as "Tiny Tim" is in the high-rise student Mount Terrace Apartments at 33 Mount St, between Wakefield and Symonds Streets, in Auckland.

The dwelling will be auctioned as a stand-alone property on a separate title next Wednesday but is so diminutive that the agent selling it, Wayne Mo of City Sales, is advertising it as "NOT a misprint".

The average new house in New Zealand is 25 times that size - more than 200sq m, a figure tipped to rise in the future.


In 2007, Auckland Council banned shoebox apartments, setting minimum standards so places under 35sq m were outlawed.

But 84/33 Mount St escapes that limit because it is a bedroom in a larger complex where facilities are available.

"It's the smallest I've sold," Mr Mo said.

It could take only a single bed, and could rent for $160 to $180 a week.

Although the dwelling is only a bedroom, it is on a floor with four bathrooms - two men's and two women's - and four toilets, he said.

Downstairs was a common area kitchen and Mr Mo said arrangements could be made with the building manager to use cooking facilities.

The building's residents were Asian, South American and Indian, he said.

Two years ago, dwellings in the building occupied by many AUT students were selling for about $35,000 to $45,000 each, he said.


Auckland apartment rules, minimum sizes

* Studio - 35sq m
* 1 bedroom - 45sq m
* 2 bedroom - 70sq m
* 3-plus bedroom - 90sq m.