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Police are "reasonably confident'' they have identified the mountainbike rider involved in an alleged "bike rage'' incident captured on a cyclist's helmet-camera.

Alleged victim Jordan Brizzell, 24, phoned police and gave a statement after he claimed he was attacked by another cyclist who wouldn't let him past on a popular trail on Christchurch's Port Hills at the weekend.

Graphic video footage shows a confrontation between the two cyclists before the as-yet unidentified man appears to lunge at the IT systems administrator.

The video, which was posted online by an irate Mr Brizzell keen to identify his alleged assailant, has gone viral with thousands of viewings.


Now Christchurch Police say they know who the mystery biker is and are keen to track him down.

A spokesman said: "We are reasonably confident we know who this person is.''

It is believed officers are currently trying to locate and interview the man.

The video shows Mr Brizzell asking the slower man to move to the side of the path and let him pass.

An extended version depicts the man saying Mr Brizzell can pass while refusing to make room for him.

"He was holding me up pretty badly,'' says Mr Brizzell.

"Trail etiquette says you pull over to let faster riders by. He kept saying yes but wouldn't give me a space. There were plenty of spots for him to pull over but he wouldn't.''

When asked again, the slower rider, wearing a yellow Rock Shox Racing top and tinted sunglasses, gets off his bike and confronts Mr Brizzell, saying he doesn't need ``a f****** lecture while I'm enjoying a ride''.

The man appears to knock the faster rider to the ground, where a struggle ensues.

Mr Brizzell, who was cycling alone, said the incident happened about 4.40pm on Sunday.