If you're going out on a first date for Valentine's Day tomorrow, ease up on the drink - you might say something you'll regret or even worse, post it on Facebook.

A survey of around 200 people aged 18 to 55 found that one in five people ended up saying or doing things they regretted on a first date because they had too much to drink.

The survey was done by Research New Zealand for the NZ Drug Foundation.

It comes as the organisation is running its latest campaign, called FebFast, in which people are encouraged to give up alcohol this month to raise money for young people affected by drugs and alcohol.


Of those surveyed, 30 per cent said they had said things on a first date which they later regretted, while 22 per cent said they had done things on a first date that they later kicked themselves for.

A total of 10 per cent of people admitted that a few too many drinks had led them to post things on Facebook or Twitter, which they later regretted.

And 11 per cent said embarrassing photos of themselves drunk had found their way on a social networking site and had ultimately had a negative effect on their lives.

FebFast co-ordinator Catherine Milburn said the survey was a good indication of the relationship between people's drinking and their behaviour.

"We can see that for some people, having a few too many drinks ends up with them saying or doing things they regret," she said.

"But the survey also shows that most people - 70 per cent - don't need to drink alcohol to make a good first impression on a date."

Last year's FebFast campaign brought in more than $100,000 and it is expected that this year's event will be just as good.

All funds raised this year will go to several charities: Rainbow Youth, CareNZ, ADHD Association and Wellington youth organisation Evolve.