A local animal charity is appealing for donations of kitten food in readiness for the approaching kitten season.

Estella Van Der Lee, a volunteer at The Scratching Post, says with just a few weeks before kitten season starts in earnest they need to stock the storeroom with plenty of kitten food.

"Kittens are little, but they eat a lot. We need to have plenty of food in now, so we are ready as soon as the first litters of kittens are dropped off to our care."

The charity cares for and rehomes abandoned and stray kittens in the area, as well as offering a subsidised cat desexing scheme to try to reduce the numbers of unwanted felines in Stratford.


"Last year we cared for and rehomed over 40 kittens, and we expect the same number again this year. We would appreciate any donations of kitten food, both wet and dry, as we want to be able to help as many kittens as possible."

As well as appealing for donations, the team of volunteers are planning a bake sale later this month.

"We will be visiting businesses in Stratford selling a range of baked muffins to raise some cash to buy more food for the kittens."

As well as kitten food, pet milk is also needed, says Estella.

She has been a volunteer at The Scratching Post for six years, having first started when a Scouting badge required her do some community service.

"As soon as I started helping, I saw what a brilliant charity this is, and have never left. It is a great way to help animals and the community."

While dealing with adorable kittens on a daily basis means having to resist adopting them all, Estella says she loves being part of The Scratching Post team.

"We get to see kittens go to their forever homes, and know they will be loved and looked after. It really is a good thing, and we are just asking the community to help us continue by donating food in readiness for the busy few months we expect to have."


The team will be visiting businesses in Stratford on Thursday, October 17 and Friday, October 18 with freshly baked muffins.

If you would like to donate kitten food, (Chef and Whiskas brands are preferred, but any kitten-specific food is appreciated) you can drop it into The Scratching Post at 127 Broadway, on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays between 10am and 2pm.

Alternatively, feel free to drop it off at the Stratford Press office (178 Broadway) and we will deliver it for you.