A tower called the Plastikoleum has taken a leaf out of Akinori Ito's book and built a tower that converts plastic back into oil. The key difference is the Plastikoleum uses solar power to enact the conversion so it is performing at maximum efficiency and can produce 900 barrels of oil each day.

Scientists have looked back on 2010 and decided upon the top 10 newly discovered species in the world. Featuring creatures such as toothed leeches and bioluminescent mushrooms, there's a new species to intrigue everybody. Their origins are drastically diverse: these new characters on the world stage have been discovered onboard the Titanic and in a bushmeat market in Africa.

Astronomers have theorised that a gamma ray burst they saw in 2006 may have been evidence of a hypothetical white hole. The white hole, as you might have guessed, is the theoretical opposite of a black hole in that it constantly produces matter. But they are unlikely to exist for long, if they even do, because scientists believe that they would collapse under the force of their own gravity.