A new study shows that one in four New Zealanders has been a victim of a porch pirate in the past five years.

A survey of 1000 Kiwis conducted by a research firm on behalf of security firm Ring showed 26 per cent of respondents have had a package stolen in the past five years, and more than 12 per cent have had a package stolen in the past year alone – a 2.65 per cent increase from the year before.

American-based Ring said Kiwis were becoming more comfortable having expensive items delivered to their homes - and this opened the door to the risk of parcel theft.

Ring's APAC managing director Mark Fletcher said one way to prevent items being nicked from your property is to have them shipped to another location like your office – provided it's allowed – or to a friend, family member or neighbour who you know will be home during the day.


Another simple and cost-effective way to protect your home and your packages, Fletcher says, is using security signs.

Putting up a sign will warn criminals that your home is protected by a security system, which may stop them from stealing your goods, he says.

Fletcher says a lockbox is also worth considering. Though more expensive and imposing than other options, a lockbox will keep your packages secure while you are away.

Home lockboxes are similar to apartment mailboxes and Post Office drop boxes. Some companies also sell smart lockboxes, which will send you alerts every time you have a delivery.

And for those willing to part with a little more cash, smart home technology is an option.

Fletcher says new technology is making it easier to monitor your home and protect your packages. Smart home security cameras can send you instant alerts when anyone triggers the built-in motion sensors.