Looking like the Silver Surfer, Matt Kelly demonstrates the new Mertek electric surfboard at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boatshow on at the ASB Showgrounds this weekend.

It took Kelly about 10 minutes to master, but Cameron Harris, director of Beacon Marine the NZ distributor, reckons his business partner picked it up in about half an hour – and he's more silver-haired surfer.

Harris said that kids and the young-at-heart will get the most from this inflatable, but durable machine that will withstand being dragged up a beach, but shouldn't be used around sharp rocks.

The e-board works well on the flat water of lakes and lagoons, but Harris says that they have tried them on small swells and that Kelly aims to try one out on one of the recognised surf beaches around Auckland.


The board is powered by a small modified version of the Kiwi innovation, the Hamilton Jet, and will reach a top speed of about 26 km/h. It is designed and built in China by the same company that makes DJI Drones.

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Beacon Marine will be demonstrating the e-board at Westhaven Marina in June and Harris recommended calling in advance as he expects a lot of people will want to have a go.

And the cost? $5250. That's quite a lot of silver to be a surfer.