Renting is already a nightmare, however this Australian landlord has taken it a step too far in this bizarre advertisement.

A Facebook post of the advertisement, which has been shared on Kmart Unhacks & Roasts, has gone viral because of the landlord's unorthodox list of demands.

It shows a photo of a single bed in a small room and rules scribbled on the wall including "Turn lights off when not using the room … keep cupboard doors closed."

The tiny space going is for A$123 (assumably per week). However, the major catch is that the landlord expects tenants share the one single bed.


The landlord believes that the room is perfect for shift workers, who will be able to take turns sleeping in the bed depending on their working hours.

"Rooms to rent. Available. Two nighttime workers, two daytime workers. Message for more details, ideal shift workers," the ad said.

While there is a sign above the bed that reads "Bed 6", it is unclear how many beds are actually in the room.

#BusinessBrenda goes above and beyond when advertising her rooms for rent. For convenience the house rules are written on the walls. Literally. 😳 *This was sent to us by a Brenda fan. x

Posted by Kmart Unhacks & Roasts on Monday, 29 April 2019

The post has received hundreds of comments with many confused about the sleeping arrangement.

"I'm trying to figure out if they're trying to rent the same room and the same beds to 4 people at the same time!" one user posted. "Are they implying that night workers will sleep during the day and day workers will sleep during the night and everyone can share?"

Another asked: "Wait … does that mean the nighttime workers and the day time workers sleep in the same bed while the other is at work?"

Some wondered what would happen on their days off while others suggested the room was like a "prison" or a "crack den".