A range of teething and colic powders for babies found to carry a risk of choking on tiny pieces of plastic have been recalled.

Weleda has found in its Baby Teething Powder and Baby Colic Powder potentially small "slivers" of plastic that could pose a choking hazard.

The company has recalled all batches manufactured from October 2018.

"All batches of Baby Teething Powder and Baby Colic Powder manufactured by Weleda from October 2018 potentially have small (~1cm long), soft, slivers of white plastic peel off the jar cap when first opening," the notice said.


"The slivers present a potential for physical contamination of the powder with plastic when opening the jar and may constitute a choking hazard.

"This is due to the cap tightness of fit in the jars."

The recall was a precautionary measure, and there had been no complaints of babies choking, the company said.

The cause was a packaging fault, and Weleda was working with suppliers on new packaging to find a solution.

The company identified the fault during quality control testing on April 3, and issued an Urgent Medicine Recall on April 18.

The notice said the company acted "as fast as we could".

"Weleda NZ needed to complete a thorough investigation to understand the level of risk, what batches of product were potentially affected and to then seek Ministry of Health guidance, before informing retailers and consumers.

"As soon as we realised there was a potential risk, we issued this recall as a precautionary measure."


Anybody who had purchased those products between October 2018 and April 2019 should stop using them, and return them to Weleda NZ or the retailer they were purchased from, for a refund.