Finance company call centre workers walked off the job today claiming their company was prepared to pay large sums to actor Alec Baldwin for advertisements but was offering them an increase of just $20 a week.

But a spokeswoman Latitude Finance, which offers the GEM Visa, said its 3 per cent offer was both 'fair and reasonable' and it was bargaining in good faith.

First Union organiser Kate David said 60 workers walked off the job around 1pm Monday in a bid to raise awareness of their pay and worker conditions.

It is the second time the workers have been on strike this month.


Davies said it became evident at a strike earlier this month that the company was more concerned over picketers' use of an Alec Baldwin cut out than the way staff were being treated.

Baldwin was used in advertising of the company last year with the tagline 'you can do better'.

Davies said staff were striking to bring the company back to the table after it publicly stated it would and then refused to meet with workers.

"Staff are incredibly saddened that the company would refuse to negotiate after saying publicly that it would, the conditions and pay the workers are trying to settle are basic income claims."

Many gathered in Auckland today to protest pay rates. Photo/Jason Oxenham.
Many gathered in Auckland today to protest pay rates. Photo/Jason Oxenham.

David said the pay offer was less than $5 dollars a day which would not pay for parking for one day let alone keep up with Auckland's living costs or the increases relative to the minimum wage increase.

"The increase of 3 per cent would equate to around $20 dollars a week, that's not enough for a day's parking, let alone living costs in Auckland city.

"Latitude needs to do better and look after its workers. We hope the procession of Alec Baldwin heads will communicate this because it's evident that they don't know how a negotiation works: one offer is not negotiation!"

A spokeswoman for Latitude Financial Services said it only had 48 union members in its workforce and no longer used Baldwin in its advertising.


"We have been in good faith negotiations for the renewal of a collective agreement with First Union who act on behalf of our union members.

"We are disappointed with their decision to take strike action, as we maintain that our offer is both fair and reasonable."