A US-based tech journalist has shed light on what she describes as "probably the worst PR email" she's ever received.

Bearing the subject line 'F*** you Nicole', the provocative email was always sure to catch the attention of Engadet senior editor Nicole Lee.

Once the email was opened, it quickly became clear that this was simply a weird pitch by a PR firm to cut through the clutter in the average inbox.

Before the email even starts, the writer apologises for the controversial subject line.


"Yes, that subject line was solely a terrible and blatant attempt to grab your attention ... we're not proud of it," the email reads.

After that ,the email descends into standard PR fare, trumpeting a company called 3 Fit Theory, which apparently "created the world's best T-shirts", featuring "game-changing fabric that doesn't shrink."

The tweet quickly took off, and many social media users had a laugh at the expense of the company.

Since the initial tweet, Lee has published further posts elaborating further on the nature of her correspondence with the company.

In a follow-up tweet, she explains that several of her co-workers received the same email, the only difference being that it featured their names.