Crown agency CERT NZ (the Computer Emergency Response Team) has issued a warning about various opportunistic cyber scams, seeking to exploit the Christchurch tragedy.

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Scams and attacks have followed the following formats, CERT NZ says:

• phishing emails containing links to fake online banking logins. These emails also contain fraudulent bank accounts where victims can make donations for the Christchurch tragedy


• sharing malicious video files on compromised websites or on social media. A video file containing footage related to the attack had malware embedded in it and this malicious file is being shared online

• attackers changing New Zealand websites to spread political messages about the Christchurch tragedy

CERT NZ recommends that anyone wishing to donate seek out official platforms and banks rather than using links in emails or on social media.

Official fundraising efforts include a Spark-sponsored Givealittle page, where 68,000 people have donated $5.2 million and Launchgood, where just under $2m has been crowdfunded.

CERT NZ, which was setup last year as a "triage" point for people or small businesses under cyber attack, says Christchurch related scams should be reported via its website.

Any instances of online footage of the Christchurch massacre should be reported to the DIA via this link.