Next time your boss pulls you into a scary meeting about your progress, just be thankful you don't live in China.

Footage has gone viral of a Chinese company's brutal punishment for its under-performing employees.

The video, filmed in Zaozhuang City in eastern Shandong Province, shows female workers crawling on all-fours down a traffic-heavy road, while a man waves the company's flag and walks in front of them.

According to the Associated Press, the unique punishment was handed down to employees at a beauty company who failed to meet their targets for the year.


In the footage, the employees crawl along the busy road, disrupting traffic in the process, before police eventually intervene to stop the women and their leader.

The footage was widely condemned on Chinese social media, and the man was chastised by police, with the company he worked for receiving a temporary shut-down over the incident.

"I hope these companies that trample on their workers dignity would be closed down," one social media user wrote.

"How could they give up their dignity for money?" asked another.

While isn't the "norm" in China, there have been several incidents of brutal work-related punishments across the country.

Last year, shocking footage went viral of lined up workers being slapped in the face after apparently performing poorly at their jobs.

In another incident, a beauty salon in Nanchang tried to "motivate" its employees by getting them to slap one another in the face during an anniversary event.

A worker was quoted as saying that the bizarre exercise was "meant to strengthen team bonds".


In 2017, Chinese social media users were left appalled after footage went viral of workers being forced to drink toilet water for not reaching their training targets.

According to the Shanghaiist, employees at a Sichuan photography studio were made to drink the dirty water for their poor work performance.

One of the female workers said she suffered diarrhoea as a result, and couldn't even eat rice without wanting to throw up.

The video was leaked from the employees' WeChat group and went viral. The person who filmed it was later detained for four days.

In 2016, employees from a Chinese sales comapny were forced to eat live worms as a punishment for not making their sales targets.

Pictures emerged of queasy employees having to drink Chinese rice wine which contained wriggling mealworms in front of their colleagues, Huashang Daily reported.

One employee said that wasn't the first time the incident had taken place, saying they've previously been forced to eat live squid and ants as punishment.

Suddenly a curt "See me in my office" email doesn't seem so bad.