In a new series, we put ten questions to leaders in everything from fashion to architecture, in association with Huawei. Today we talk to Andrew Booth.

Andrew Booth is the CEO of kiwi solar energy company Solarcity.

A former activist, Booth was an international board director of Greenpeace and has fought for environmental causes across the globe. In 1992 he founded World Television a network which broadcast NGO and environmental causes to a global audience.

So we asked him to take part in our new 8 part series, Let Me Know (#LMK).


You used to be on boats not in the boardroom?

Yeah I spent most of my life as a young man trying to stop the world dumping nuclear waste in the oceans.

Tips for an aspiring activist?

I think the key thing is to never stop trying to make a difference.

Who gave you your best advice ever and what was it?

I think the best piece of advice that I [have] ever had was from Keith Turner who told us that training was going to make a big difference.

Rules are?

Made to be broken


What are the feathers on your staff's desks?

Feathers are to try and make sure that people know when people are on a break, that they're on a break and they're not just not working.

What is the bell that sounds throughout the office?

That mean's we've just made a sale.

What is your biggest goal?

My biggest goal is to get New Zealand to be 100 per cent renewable before it's too late.

How do you get kiwis to embrace new ideas?

The key way really is to show by leadership and education.

Your office is powered by?

Solar Power