An e-scooter race hosted by a pub might seem like a recipe for disaster.

But police have given the green-light for New Zealand's first-ever "Lime Scooter Grand Prix" to go ahead today in Ponsonby, 4pm to 7pm.

The event is being organised by Chapel Bar, owned by Luke Dallow

It follows days of controversy over Lime's hire-by-the-minute scooters after 14 ACC claims in eight days and warnings of probable deaths and injury.


Earlier this week, Dallow told the Herald, "Safety of the public is paramount, we'll make the call on the day whether to go ahead."

Today, he says it's a go.

"We've spoken to police and we've spoken to Auckland Transport and they're both happy with our transport management plan."

Dallow made one major change after talking to the cops and AT: Riders will now start 30-seconds apart, with the race around Ponsonby streets shifting to a time-trial format.

The bar owner says there will be a zero-alcohol limit for contestants.

"No one who has drunk [alcohol] in my bar will be allowed to race," he says.

Staff will talk to racers to assess their sobriety. If there are any suspicions, they could be breath-tested.

A booze ban would ordinarily be bad business for a pub, but in this case the event will be used to push the 0 per cent Heineken Zero.


Contestants will also have to wear helmets, which are ordinarily encouraged but optional for electric scooter riders under NZ Transport Agency rules.

A police spokesperson said drivers on machines under 50cc cannot be charged for having excess breath alcohol but could face other charges.

"There are other potential charges a person on a scooter could face, such as 'endangering', 'reckless behaviour', depending on the individual circumstances."