A two-day deal on petrol will be in hot pursuit by motorists looking for some relief at the petrol pump.

Gull is temporarily dropping the price of petrol by 10 cents per litre on all fuel types across its network.

However the deal is limited time only, with keen savers needing to hit the pumps between now and 12pm tomorrow.

"Families across the country have enjoyed a long weekend and we are sure there are lots of thirsty cars and some tight budgets around fuel spend, so we are offering relief at the pumps," said Gull spokesperson, Rohan Mehta.


"Our discount day is another way for us to offer continuous value to motorists. No minimum dollar spend or maximum litre fill restrictions apply to this offer.

"From 7am today, we are simply dropping price boards and pump prices for everyone to enjoy the discount."

At most Gull outlets where Gull controls retail prices across the North Island, average prices
will be $2.195 for Regular (91), $2.345 for Force 10 (98), and $1.461 for Diesel.

Gull Atiamuri will be offering the lowest prices during this time frame, selling Regular (91) for $2.007, Force 10 (98) for $2.157 and Diesel for $1.267.