If you have got nothing to hide you have got nothing to fear, so the saying goes.

But ask someone to show you their bank statement and how many people would be keen? Not many I bet.

Gone are the days of using cash for everything, when those cheeky beers at the pub, splurge on fancy shoes or regular takeaways were known only to the buyer.

In today's cashless society our spending is laid out in black in white on our bank statements and is tracked by retailers everywhere.


Those loyalty cards you sign up for at every supermarket, pharmacy or department store aren't just about getting points and discounts.

That's just what people get sucked in by. It's really all about getting to know what you buy.

There's a lot that can be learned about a person from what they put in their supermarket trolley.

But that is only part of the picture. A bank statement is about as personal as things get in today's modern society.

Asking for an individual's statements to see if they would be a suitable tenant is a step too far.

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Why should your landlord know how much you earn or what you spend your money on?

Surely as long as you can pay the rent - that is all that matters.