Every year, we trawl through the archives and republish a few of the standout business stories from the last year. This is essentially a mix of the most popular, topical or insightful pieces published in 2018. Here's one that made the cut. This piece was first published on July 12.

"At 51, I don't think I will ever get a job," said an Auckland woman who has been out of work for the past six years.

She is one of a string of Kiwis who have shared their frustration at applying for countless jobs and feeling they've been passed over because of their age.

It follows a 65-year-old woman from Whanganui applying for 32 jobs in six months and being unable to secure work.


The woman, who asked to be known only as Charlotte, had five interviews but no luck - and she suspects it's because of her age.

The woman wrote in a letter to the Wanganui Chronicle that she was laid off late last year and despite several interviews has had no job offers.

"I have had several interviews and the positions have been exactly the type of work I am skilled in [administration and accounts] but it appears age may be against me."

Numerous other Kiwis got in touch with the Herald to share similar stories.

One man worked as a professional driver for over 30 years.

"Since I turned 65 in July 2017 I have been cold-calling employers and tell them I have my CV if they want to copy it," he said.

"They say 'okay I will copy it and get back to you'. When they don't get back to me within one week I go back to them and they tell me I am not suitable because they want someone younger," he said.

"It is a waste of time applying online. When I go to an interview they say 'we are looking for someone younger'," the man told the Herald.

A woman, who also wrote to the Herald, said the issue was more common than many people think.

"The potential employer might not say you're too old but us older employees have learned a thing or two about body language and you know as soon as you rock up to an interview," she said.

Another man, who did not want to be named, said he was 56 and had applied for over 80 positions in the past four months.

"I removed my first few jobs so they can't work out my age but goodness it is easy these days to search backgrounds," he said.

"I had over 20 years in the IT industry culminating in senior consulting and exec roles mostly in business development, sales and marketing ... most companies tend to look for younger fresher people but overlook what experience could bring them," he said.

One Auckland woman, who has tertiary qualifications, said she had been on the hunt for a job for six years.

Now in her 50s, the woman said she doesn't think she'll ever get a job again.

"We have to survive on one wage as I cannot get assistance. My husband is older, so it will be a problem when he hits retirement age, which in turn will affect his decisions and the right to retire or not," she said.

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