The Warehouse is proposing to cut 180 jobs across 92 stores, according to a union representative.

Kate Davis, First Union national coordinator for The Warehouse, said staff were told Thursday morning about the proposal that will affect supervisors and team leaders.

Davis said staff were given until July 8 to return feedback about the proposal and a decision would be made on July 15.

A spokesperson for The Warehouse confirmed a proposal had been shared with their team and that staff would be given till July 8 to submit feedback.


"We shared a proposal with our team yesterday which we developed with input from a working group of store managers. It's a proposal only and we are seeking feedback from our teams before deciding on next steps, so it's not appropriate to comment further at this point," the spokesperson said.

Davis said this was an inadequate amount of time to respond.

Davis believed the decision was about "cost cutting" and it was not The Warehouse we used to know.

"I think this is a far cry from The Warehouse we used to know, that Stephen Tindall built, which was like a coverted community based organisation that gave back to the workers," Davis said.

Of the people proposed to be losing their jobs, Davis says they are the ones that have been the face of The Warehouse for the last 20 years.

"These are the faces of the people that you've seen everyday at the Warehouse for the last 20 years. These are the people that are losing their jobs," Davis said.​