I firmly believe that having an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most important skills to future-proof long-term careers. While other team members may "just do their job", those employees who can take their responsibilities to the next level, will be the ones who ride out the restructuring storm and capitalise on opportunities that present themselves.

An "Employee-Preneur" not just does their job, but proactively works to make the organisation better. They take a sense of ownership and pride in the business and help to ensure the company succeeds.

Stepping up

Career consultant Mike de Boer believes "those who take responsibility for the company like it's their own, will be the ones that future-proof themselves over the long term."


Key ways to practically take this approach include:

Looking for ways to improve the business

Many employees just punch in and punch out, however an Employee-Preneur will look to improve systems and processes within their reach, making their part in the organisation more efficient.

Putting their hand up

Employee-Preneurs are keen to take an active (not passive) role in the business and proactively take leadership opportunities where they arise. De Boer believes this approach "lets decision-makers know you are adding significant value to the organisation, and that you are keen to make a real positive difference within your area of responsibility."

Continually learn

Those who have a continual learning and development mindset, will be the ones who are most mentally agile and prepared to face the challenges the future has for them. Having a strong personal development mindset is also a very positive employee characteristic, which senior management and HR view favourably. Therefore take hold of any and all learning opportunities.

Think as a "business partner"


"In a working environment of constant disruption, help your team and colleagues to be agile and think outside the box," says de Boer.
"Be proactive in your mindset, bringing others along on the journey."

Understand the organisation

Become a specialist in both your business and the industry you are working in. Being aware of the future trends and challenges shaping your industry will position you as an Employee-Preneur, helping not just you, but also your organisation to ride out coming storms.

Acquire new "soft" skills

Grow your skills such as verbal communication, conflict management and negotiation. De Boer believes "these so-called 'soft skills' are the ones that all great leaders truly possess, and will be very useful on a day to day basis as you progress higher."

Having the mind of an Employee-Preneur, will help you reinvent both your job and personal brand in your organisation, providing more security as waves of change come and go through the business.

Who knows, these Employee-Preneur skills will also come in very handy someday if you make the move to fully fledged entrepreneur.

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