A 21-year-old, multi-level Auckland apartment building is being demolished to make way for the city's $3.4 billion City Rail Link.

The pink block with 11 apartments at 26 Mt Eden Rd is above the railway line, across the street from the Mt Eden railway station and the Life Church.

A City Rail Link Project spokesperson said the block needed to come down and it cost about $7.8m to buy all the titles there.

"These properties were bought some time ago when we acquired all the surface property needed to build the CRL tunnels and stations," she said.


"At 26 Mt Eden Rd, we bought each apartment individually at the market value of the time, through negotiation, just as we have for all the other surface property required for the project," she said.

The property was needed for the east-facing link of the tunnels which will run through the site.

Auckland Council's valuation roll lists 11 units at the address with a range of valuations: apartment 1A was valued last July at $640,000 and 2E at $710,000.

Quotable Value lists the block as having been built in 1997. Property records show the apartments are owned by City Rail Link Ltd whose shareholders include Auckland Council, the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Finance.

The project spokesperson said another building nearby would be demolished. The building at 16 to 18 Ruru St was within the construction zone required for the tunnels and station at Mt Eden, she said. Just over $3m was spent buying that, she said.

City Rail Link says the demolition work started last month and will be finished this month.

"A specialist demolition contractor is undertaking this work," it said.