What is 2018 looking like for your business?

We have never been more excited about starting a new year; so many more businesses in Auckland and Wellington have joined car share as they reduce their fleet size and join the "sharing economy". They recognise the value and benefits of car share. Some very big companies have signed up so their staff can car share and be encouraged not to drive to work while still having access to wheels when they need them.

How is that different to 2017, how has the last year been for business?

We doubled the fleet this year and are sitting at just over 60 cars; we expect with the number of property developers who we have signed contracts to put cars into their projects along with parks in consultation now with AT and Wellington to get to 100-plus this year.


We offered more choice in terms of pricing and fleet, including NZ's first fully electric car and an Outlander PHEV thanks to a partnership with Mercury. We added more staff.

What are the issues affecting you in next 12 months?

The pressures of growth! We always need more cars for new locations coming on stream which is exciting and demanding. We think the next 12 months will see more pressures for people driving to work trying to find affordable parking close to the city.

Increasing petrol prices, parking costs may also see an increase in public transport use.

Our cars are the "wheels when you need them" once you're at work and need a car.

What is the biggest issue you would like the new Government to champion this 2018?

The impact of cars and driving! We all need to think "fewer cars not just electric". If we want better cities we need fewer cars in them. Look at Europe, dense cities, walking, biking and few cars.

If businesses big and small can use Cityhop car share why can't Government departments? Old legislation that never envisaged the sharing economy needs an overhaul too. We all need to think more about do I need to own or could I share!

Do you get a break this summer?


I'm staying at home this year to get on top of the house and garden, clear and sort, it felt like 2017 went so quickly there is a bit of catch-up to do! Auckland is heavenly with quiet streets and no cars!