What is 2018 looking like for your business?

2017 was about setting the strategy so 2018 is about executing that strategy, Peterson says.

"Our core business is really going to step up."

Peterson says the core focus is all about getting new product to market and developing the exchange's secondary market.


"The whole thing is really about execution."

How is that different to 2017? How has the last year been for your business?

"2017 from a business point of view - we are going to turn in a solid performance. The derivative business is flying along."

Peterson said its corporate governance review had been well received by the markets.

"Despite being a benign year for products it feels like we have done okay."

The share market only had one equity listing this year but plenty of companies raised second debt on the market.

But he said the NZX had to keep working with the wider market to bring new product to the market.

It's big challenge was competition from the private market which is cashed up and keen to invest in businesses.

What are the issues affecting your industry in the next 12 months?


"A lot of it is going to focus on product - just the need to broaden the product range."

In 2017 the exchange updated its listing rules which Peterson said was all about setting the foundations for its product to come to market.

"Over and above all that we are about just giving the markets more opportunity to invest."

Those opportunities could come from local companies looking to list, local government-owned assets, overseas companies with big New Zealand businesses who want to enhance their profile and may be funds that want to list.

"The year is really going to be all about product."

What is the biggest issue you would like the new Government to champion in 2018?

"We have got a new government. We need to engage with government."

Peterson said it had already had some preliminary talks but it would start a proper conversation with the Government in February.

By engaging with government he hoped they could come up with some key areas to work on together.

Do you get a break this summer? What's your favourite way to relax?

"Yes the beach is beckoning. I love being outside and I love the fresh air."

Peterson is planning to spend some time fishing off the coast of Northland and catching up with friends and family.

"A bit of stand-up paddleboarding is on the agenda."